Why Indian Christians Should Rethink a Different Strategy on Evangelism

India is brimming up in the cup of social activity. We are now leading in the Facebook portal of having the highest number of users in the world. A country that was devastated by the Britishers for 300 years into slavery is now catching up with the developed world faster than the internet speed.

Our connection with the rest of the world is fast and inescapable. Sadly, most of the Christians in India still believe in the Hare and the Tortoise fable of certifying that slow and steady wins the race. In this fast paced life we need to think of a different strategy that can help us to move beyond our comfort zone. I have listed out three ways we can think of strategies that can enable us to pace up our evangelism effort.

  1. Blog – Indian Christians should learn to blog. Every week the pastor will share his message to the congregation. Why don’t you make this into a blog? This will work very well when you blog on a weekly basis (This is my first blog and I want to have the practice of blogging every week).
  2. Social Media – Social media is almost like a bad word for pastors and preachers. Aren’t we tired of listening to pastors firing the millennials that social media is evil and the phones need to be thrown off from our hands? I admit that social is bad. In fact, it is really bad for us to get involved into it. However, we as Christians should learn to change the bad from good. When we run away from obstacles that are being embraced by the youth, we are failing to connect to them. Jesus spoke to us in the way we understand and connect.
  3. Books – Oh! How I wish that Indians (Christians) will learn to write books. We are so good in preaching and teaching but seldom write books. Our libraries are filled with western books (nothing wrong with that) and rarely we find Christian books written by Indians. Sadly, most of the writings are about how you can get blessings and how you can become rich. We need to begin to write more theology rich books.

I admit that these are not fail-proofs of having and managing them on a regular basis. However, understand that this is the way of the future. We got to get aligned to this modern way of thinking. Never change the message, change the medium.

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