Human Trafficking in India

Human trafficking in India is a multi-billion industry. Young girls are forced into prostitution for mainly two reasons.

a. Money

b. Lust

Money is provided to feed the lust. Lust is provided to feed the greed. The innocent are always the victim.

Young girls are trafficked from different parts of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Each person trafficked has 0.2% chances of escape and even if they escape, the traffickers would find them and enslave them in a different place.

Few statistics:

  1. This is a $8 billion an year industry.
  2. There are over 2 million prostitutes in India. Over 97% are being prostituted without consent.
  3. Today 200 girls are trafficked and sold into slavery.
  4. Many of the girls trafficked are due to poverty, kidnap, lured for a job or parents selling them off to the pimps.
  5. Every year 135 million men have sex on these innocent victims. These men are mostly married and have children of their own and don’t care a damn about the others.
  6. These girls don’t have access to the public and are kept in a closed dungeon for all their life. They start at 10:00 am and sometimes go up till 2:00 am giving no time to rest or eat properly.
  7. There are over 135 million men (most of them married) in India who have sex with prostitutes.
  8. Many charge a mere sum of ₹100 ($1.5) for sex.
  9. The girl’s ages starts from 6 years onward.
  10. Some men bring in cigarettes, acids and other torturous equipments just to fulfil their sexual pleasure.
  11. Between 5000 to 7000 children are brought in from Nepal for child prostitution every year (so much for border security).
  12. There are parents who sell their daughter just to get some money.
  13. There are men who do sex with them just to have a minute’s orgasm.
  14. There are girls whose lives are painfully torturous because of money and pleasure.
  15. The next time you watch porn, think twice. They may not be there to entice you with their skin willingly. They may be FORCED.

Men are inherently evil. Just this year (June), a woman carrying her nine-month old baby was raped and when the child cried, the innocent baby was thrown out the auto and died. These are just regular citizens who got the opportunity to rape and they did so.

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