Practical Steps to Preaching

I have to start preparing to preach. I am wasting my time in things that are not important in life.
There are few things that I need to in order for me to get this going.
  1. Pray, pray, pray – I have to spend a lot of time in praying and preparation in order for me to get closer to God. Firstly, this is for my growth. Secondly, this will help me understand what the Holy Spirit has guided me to learn and speak.
  2. Prepare, prepare, prepare – I have to start the exegetical work in this. There is logos and Bibleworks that can help in my preparation. However, this is too expensive for me and I need a way to get a free download.
  3. Stop, stop, stop – Stop whiling away time on things that are not important. The days are swift and I don’t have time to check the Facebook and other accounts continuously. i need to work out a way that i can completely stop doing that.
  4. Run, run, run – Running the race in order to win the prize. I think as Christians we are supposed to run for the prize. No one entering the olympics run in order to participate. They run to win. Anyone wanting only to participate never wins. We are called to win. Not in the way our competition is, but a heavenly winning through our own lives.

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